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Announcing Satgana's investment into Yeasty's €1.4m Pre-Seed round, alongside Asterion Ventures and Caméléon Invest

Food-tech startup, Yeasty has raised €1.4 million for its circular approach to alt-protein which uses leftover brewer’s yeast. The Paris-based team will now industrialize the production of its protein product, enabling a new generation of meat alternatives and high-protein substitutions.

Yeasty, a foodtech start-up that offers food manufacturers an alternative source of protein from unused brewer's yeast, has closed a €1.4M financing round led by Asterion Ventures, with the participation of Satgana and Caméléon Invest. Over 40 Business Angels have invested through Asterion: Cédric Sellin, Clément Alteresco (Morning coworking), Anne Carole Coen (Swile). Yeasty is also advised by Alexis Angot (Ynsect) as a Board Member.

A key milestone to address a major challenge for brewers and food manufacturers

Yeasty's protein meets a twofold challenge: for brewers, it is a chance to value a raw material that is unused and a source of environmental and economical costs, and for manufacturers it is a unique opportunity to identify a better source of protein.

This fundraising will allow Yeasty to industrialise the production of samples that will enable food manufacturers to start testing recipes such as meat alternatives, pasta, high-protein biscuits or even sports bars or shakers.

The company's objective for 2025 is to build a first industrial site with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons.

Yeasty, the most complete alternative protein to date, praised by food industrials

Among the numerous research projects underway to develop alternative proteins to animal products, Yeasty offers a rich solution that combines nutritional qualities, taste, sustainability, and accessibility.

Yeasty has developed the most complete protein ingredient on the market from unused brewer's yeast, whose full potential can now be unlocked through a unique technological innovation: the elimination of bitterness.

More than 30 players in the food industry have already praised Yeasty's protein.

An impact-driven foodtech that aims to become the leader in alternative proteins

The growing market for protein ingredients for human applications is expected to reach $63 billion by 2026, with an estimated exponential growth of nearly 9%* per year over the period 2020-2026 for alternative proteins.

"Yeasty aims at becoming a leader in the alternative protein market by democratising the most complete ingredient, with a low impact. Thanks to our unique technology, we are bringing value to an abundant by-product, and with the support of our investors, we will be able to accelerate our growth" says Juan Londono, co-founder of Yeasty.

With a 100% natural ingredient, derived from the circular economy, Yeasty targets a plurality of players in the food industry for different uses: 

  • Vegetarian/flexitarian alternatives to meat, 
  • Sports nutrition, 
  • Health nutrition and undernutrition,
  • As well as the bread, protein starches, biscuits, alternative cheeses and eggs markets.

At Satgana, we are honored to be part of this venture alongside purpose-driven founders who dare to challenge the status quo.

About Yeasty

Co-founded in 2021 by Juan Londono, Nikola Stefanovic and Mathieu Durand, Yeasty is an impact foodtech that offers food manufacturers an alternative source of protein with very high nutritional qualities, derived from unused brewer's yeast recovered from brewers. 

The journey started in a lab in 2020 at AgroParisTech and Genopole where Nikola and Mathieu began to look for a way to get rid of the bitterness of brewer’s yeast. They succeeded in finding a revolutionary process in 2021, and were then looking to accelerate and find the right strategy to enter the market. Juan  joined the co-founding team in late 2021 with a business and data science background and previous experiences in launching new deeptech B2B products and in food entrepreneurship.

Yeasty is at the heart of the challenges of the circular economy and the food transition. Its mission is to offer a sustainable and accessible alternative protein source. Yeasty is now incubated within Agoranov and 21st by CentraleSupélec.

More information: here