A Climate Tech Venture Capital firm on a mission to invest in the Future of Earth

सत् Sat गण Gana

means a good company in Sanskrit

We're on a mission to use business as a force for good, by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs to build a more sustainable, fair and regenerative future.


The climate & ecological crisis is the defining issue of our time.
We invest in technology solutions across these themes.



Food & agriculture

Industry & buildings

Carbon removal

Circular economy

We go all in to give firepower to founders in Europe and Africa.

Early-stage capital

We invest pre-seed and seed capital from €50k -€500k.

Hands-on support

We offer strategic and operational help (impact, technology etc.)

Partner-driven perks

We offer perks and discounts currently valued at over €150k.

Pitch your startup to us

Operational Team

Our diverse and purpose-driven collective has a proven track record of building and growing impact funds and companies across geographies.

Board of Directors


We are part of a growing, global community, passionate about protecting our planet and taking climate action.

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18 rue Robert Stümper,
L2577 Luxembourg,
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
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