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October 6, 2021


The world has seen tremendous social and technological progress. Yet despite these successes, our current model of development is deeply flawed. Many figures could be listed to paint the state of global health, education, wealth inequalities, gender disparity and the climate crisis, but what is clear is that we have to act now to work towards a more sustainable and inclusive world. Companies are a powerful force that can equally have negative impacts on our environment, as well be catalysts to solve societal issues and contribute to creating a better world.

We believe that some of the most successful businesses of this decade will stem from solutions addressing the biggest environmental and social challenges of our time. Based on this premise, Satgana was launched on September 2020 with the aim of being a launchpad and a catalyst for other good companies that develop market-based solutions to solve for these issues.


The Venture Studio Model is dedicated to systematically produce new companies. Satgana does this on a global scale with an overarching mission to launch and fund companies addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and operating upon the B-Corporation principles.

The SDGs are a universal call to action agreed upon by the United Nations General Assembly’s 193 member states in 2015 and intended to be achieved by the year 2030. They are broad-based, interdependent, sub-divided in 169 targets and measured by clear indicators. They provide a viable model for long-term growth, as long as businesses move towards them together. Of course, there will be many obstacles along the way, but the world would undoubtedly be on a better, more resilient path.


For every entrepreneur starting up may seem like the hardest part, how do you grow an idea from the ground up with little resources, reputation, or staff? You’ve had this amazing idea, you know it has potential, you’ve identified your target market and know how to sell to this demographic. But there’s work to be done in getting a company off the ground and growing a customer base.

The Venture Studio Model is a proven way of successfully building startups, mitigating risks and delivering superior returns.

At Satgana, we aim to build and invest into startups alongside extraordinary entrepreneurs, wherever they are, to solve the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time using innovation-led and market-based approaches. We invest financial and human capital to support startups from the idea-stage until their first round of external funding. We build responsible companies across the SDGs with a triple bottom line approach:

People – Planet – Prosperity

How much?

What sets us apart from an accelerator is that we are not a pre-defined program with many companies going through the same planning. We create bespoke support from the idea-stage until the first round of external funding, which typically occurs through a seed round, 12-18 months after our Venture Building work.

Our goal is to invest capital in tranches, from 30k€ in founding capital to pay a stipend to entrepreneurs for their first few months, and up to 500k€ in pre-seed capital. The goal is to work alongside entrepreneurs during the “valley of death”, where great ideas are not yet fundable by traditional sources of capital which typically require traction and oftentimes existing revenue and growth.


We are a globally distributed company, leveraging remote work to tap into global talent and foster collaboration between teams in the Global North and the Global South. We are a diverse team of professionals from a large spectrum of backgrounds, functions, sectors and countries across 3 main regions: Europe, India and Africa.

We believe that talent is evenly distributed across the world, and so should opportunities. There are plenty of great ideas that are missed because they are outside of the main tech centers, like Silicon Valley. ​Anybody, from anywhere, can make an impact on the world through entrepreneurship if they believe and at Satgana, we want to foster this and provide the best environment possible.

The Venture Studio trend is advancing worldwide. As time goes on, startups become a collection of people with shared beliefs, and as the belief in your mission grows, the stronger your startup becomes. Purpose-driven entrepreneurship doesn’t mean that you have to try and fix the world’s biggest problems in one fell swoop. What it does mean is that if you are going to spend most of your waking moments working, then it is a disservice to both you and society to be working on something that is not meaningful. Your work should matter. Make your work matter. Find something you believe in, and then don’t compromise.

If you’re interested in building a purpose-driven venture with Satgana, send us your pitch deck at

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