Connecting our values to a cause

Core values  are the deeply ingrained principles that guide a company’s actions, serving as its cultural cornerstones. Collins and Porras succinctly define core values as being inherent and sacrosanct; they can never be compromised, either for convenience or short-term economic gain. The core values of Satgana are a direct reflection of the values we wish to uphold. They are the source of our distinctiveness as a global venture builder and will help facilitate meaningful dialogues.

Companies with strong adaptive cultures based on shared values outperformed other companies by a significant margin.

A company’s identity is becoming just as important as the quality of services it provides. The demand for ethical and sustainable business practices is not just a trend, but something that is expected in 2020 and beyond. At Satgana, we have detailed our values, not as a greenwashed statement but rather as tangible steps in our triple bottom line approach.  

The Satgana ethos

Satgana is a global venture builder on a mission to launch responsible companies addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our core belief is that businesses have a critical role to play in harnessing technology and innovation to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges with a triple bottom line approach. We wish to embody values that inspire purpose-driven entrepreneurship.  

Satgana’s core values

To this end, we have clearly communicated our company’s values and created a diverse work environment that fosters collaboration and drives innovation. We interact with each other with integrity, humility, transparency and empathy; and extend this principle to all relevant stakeholders. We believe that this behavior builds loyalty, garners trust, establishes an impeccable reputation, and ultimately, is the right thing to do. On the occasion that we fall short of these values, we will acknowledge our mistakes and learn from our experiences so we can do better in the future.

Building an authentic business culture

In an era when many founders are looking to build companies overnight and get rich quick, we want to build a business that will truly stand the test of time. For Satgana, a clearly articulated and well-implemented set of core values is imperative.

Business culture in parallel with its values can offer many benefits because of high morale and ability to draw talented employees. These include resilience, sustainable growth, innovation, the ability to deliver high quality products and services which will ultimately improve financial performance in the long run. At Satgana we aim to actively manage and analyse the culture of our organization.

A recent survey has shown that more individuals want to be associated with companies that have strong corporate values that align with their personal beliefs, and a forward thinking attitude that shows dedication to community service and the environment. The benefits of a values-driven company can be felt throughout. It creates a positive environment for employees and the start-ups we invest in to thrive. Stakeholders are more likely to respect the vision of a company that integrates its core values into every aspect of its business.  

At Satgana, our responsibility is to enhance, harness and direct the capacity and energy of our people towards virtuous and valuable ends. Long-term success has to have a solid foundation built on values and principles that act as a center of gravity. Furthermore, it is vital for leadership to recognize that the sustainability transition is a process, not a binary switch to be flipped. Leaders are responsible for embracing iteration, being open about what is and isn’t working, and communicating this to all employees. Managing a value-driven company comes down to transparency, communication, and company-wide support of shared goals.