We strive to do the right thing.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which business contributes to a paradigm where all people, all species and the planet thrive.

Our Mission

We aim to become a quintessential launchpad of responsible, for-profit, positive impact-driven companies.

Our Credo

Business has a crucial role to play in harnessing technology and innovation to solve the world's most pressing challenges.

Our Name

In Sanskrit, Sat (सत्) translates into “that which is virtuous, good and everlasting”
and Gana (गण) into a “troop, company or tribe”.
We aim to be a fundamentally good company for the world.

Our Values

These are the fundamental layers that define what we stand for.
We will always act with integrity.
We do what we say and we say what we do. We are honest and consistent in our actions. We advocate ethical behavior and aim to build trust relationships with all our stakeholders, internally and externally.
We are driven by a crazy ambition
Inherent to our bold mission of launching companies addressing the climate and ecological crisis. We wish to make a significant impact in tackling humankind’s most wicked environmental and social challenges.
We foster transparency.
We make information available for everyone. We believe that making our goals and our practices clear for all creates trust, fosters constructive feedback and make us accountable to our stakeholders.
We think and act with boldness.
We are innovators at heart, carving our own path and challenging conventional wisdom. We do not exist to fit into pre-defined boxes. We are not afraid to walk off the beaten path and to do things differently. We believe there is no great genius without a touch of madness.
We promote diversity & inclusion.
We have a strong focus on building a diverse workforce that is inclusive across gender, ethnicity and geography. While this is the right thing to do to cultivate fairness and to leave no one behind, we are also deeply convinced that it will yield long-term financial performance.
We are grounded in humility.
We cultivate a norm of accurate self-awareness. We acknowledge that to achieve our mission, we need to work with people and organizations more knowledgeable than ourselves. We give credit where it is due. We admit our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions.